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More fun through Gamification
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Brothers and sisters! After countless years of agony under the reign of the dark Fiat, finally it’s time for the mighty crypto to rise! But its enemies still are thousands strong. Only by standing as one brave alliance we will be able to overcome our foes. Assemble! Grab your swords! Stake for victory!

Many epochs ago, three powerful druids pledged loyalty to the almighty Cardano.

They swore an oath to use their sorcerous skills to establish and maintain a portal between the world of mere mortals and the realm of Cardano which holds the source of all truth.

By paying a tithe to the mighty king Hetzner of the southern lands, they ensured his everlasting support of their epic quest. During the course of this quest, they built two mighty fortresses: the first one lies next to the enchanted village of Nuremberg, Germany. The other one is hidden deeply in the vast forests of Finland.


Deep in the root of the primary fortress, they ingrained the heart of their heroic endeavor: a mystical forge of blocks miraculously interacting with the source of all truth.

Active Servers

Hosted in Nürnberg, Germany:
Block Producer
Relay 1

Hosted in Helsinki, Finland:
Relay 2


Hardware specification and costs:

2 x Hetzner CPX31, 4 Cores, 8GB RAM –> 14,76 € per Instance
1 x Hetzner CX31, 2 Cores, 8 GB RAM –> 10,59 € per Instance
3 x Static IP –> 1 € per Instance
Snapshot Data for 3 Servers –> 0,27 €
Website + Domain –> 4 €

Since Shelly Cardano fully relies on the proof of stake mechanism. To foster decentralization it is highly important that as much currency as possible is staked. The amount of stake acts as security budget to prevent multiple attack scenarios in the Cardano Network. However staking is a rather technical process and thus quite cheerless. We would like to offer a more joyful experience when delegating to a Cardano Pool. To accomplish this we choose the approach of gamifying the staking process.
“Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.
Its techniques are intended to leverage people’s natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, or closure, or simply their response to the framing of a situation as game or play.” (source: Wikipedia)
For achieving this we create a fantasy setting in which the staking process and all linked activities are mapped onto humorous epic battle analogies. Every delegator gets a battle character. A battle character consists of a randomly generated funny battle name which is linked to the delegators staking ID. Events occurring in the blockchain that are linked to our pool are transformed into tales. Our battle avatars play a leading role in these tales – good and bad things will happen to them. Every tale leads to experience points (XP) being earned or lost for the respective character. The gathered XP are reflected in different rankings and badges. These elements bring joy into the staking process and thereby raise interest to learn more about the technical process behind the tales. We aim to simplify the complex world of Cardano in a way that is funny and easy to understand for rather non-technical people.


Implementation of gamification for delegation across the nation


We are a team of three shy and modest druids who also happen to be IT-Professionals working in the software industry, therefore we know how to operate software and servers reliably. It is our belief that professionalism does not exclude cracking jokes. To the contrary, fun is essential to raise interest in new technology and to make it more comprehensible.

Rewards are heavily influenced by the size of a stake pool. The higher the stake the more likely it is to generate blocks and therefore get rewards. Currently we’re a quite small pool as we have just recently started our operations. Thus the percentage to become slot leader/create a block is low (currently ~8%), but potential rewards (~1000 ADA per block) are shared among less delegators. Our fee is set to minimal (340ADA) and the operations cost factor is set to 2%. We try to balance the low chance to generate a block with an above-average share.


Exemplary calculation:

Pool size = 100.000 ADA

Personal stake = 10.000 ADA

Personal share = 10.000/100.000 = 0,1 (10%)

Pool reward in current epoch (when block is generated) = 1.000 ADA

Fee = 340 ADA

Relative costs = 20 ADA (2% from pool reward)

Number of generated blocks in this epoch = 1

Personal reward = (1.000 (pool reward) x 1 (# of blocks) – 340 (pool fee) – 20 (relative costs)) x 0,1 (personal share) = 64 ADA per epoch

You can use our Grafana Board to monitor all relevant information.

Please have a look at the official Cardano FAQ.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us via telegram or mail. We’ll support you in english or german, as you wish.

Telegram Group: https://t.me/stakeandsword

Direct messages: Daniel | Jannis | Stefan

Send us a Mail: druids@stakeandsword.com